Million Dollar Drug Gang ‘Blocc Boyz’ Busted Through Youtube, Facebook and Instagram

Once again the addiction of social media has surfaced and brought down a multi-million dollar drug gang who could not stop posting their exploits on Facebook and Instagram. You would think even drug dealers would smarten up and keep their activities quiet for fear of the authorities easily putting together the pieces but in this day and age that is not the case. Daily News has the scoop below:

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 10.52.31 AM

Michael Austin Rodriguez, one the men busted in coke ring, in Manhattan Criminal Court today. Steven Hirsch


A massive and dangerous Manhattan coke ring that made millions delivering door-to-door coke for $120 a gram is now out of business — thanks in part to the gangsters’ own incriminating online boasting and photo-posting, officials said today.

The accused king- and queen-pins of the Lower East Side-based “Blocc Boyz” partied hard at a Queens strip joint — “Perfection,” near LaGuardia airport, where accused gangster Krista Zuniga danced — then posted photos of their cavorting onto Facebook and Instagram, officials alleged.

Other gangsters posted pictures and YouTube videos of themselves flashing gang signs and waving wads of cash, again making it easy for investigators to chart their affiliations and whereabouts, according to the indictments accusing 41 men and women of conspiracy and drug sales.


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