[video] Donald Sterling was 100% Correct : “African Americans Get Successful and Don’t Wanna Help Their Own People”

Donald Sterling is a racist. I think that is the consensus across the board from anyone with a half a brain who heard the infamous taped conversations between him and V. Stiviano released a couple of weeks ago to TMZ. But listening to his interview with Anderson Cooper, I have come to realize that the media portrayal that he is some senile crazy rich old man, spewing age old thoughts on race, is a facade created by the mainstream media to shield that systematic racism is alive and well in 2014.

Sterling (in the midst of his babbling about Magic Johnson sleeping with tons of women and contracting H.I.V), makes a bunch of valid points when it comes to the differences between the Black and Jewish communities when select members of these groups obtain a high level of commercial success. He specifically states that when Jewish people become successful their first priority is to help other Jewish people. He even stated they loan money to each at no interest to start businesses. He then unequivocally stated that African Americans become successful and do not help their own people.

Rich black people abandoning the grassroot black community is an age old phenomenon that Dr. Umar spoke on so eloquently and I will let him take it from here.

2 thoughts on “[video] Donald Sterling was 100% Correct : “African Americans Get Successful and Don’t Wanna Help Their Own People”

  1. Donald Sterling is no exception to the rule, he is the rule. He has paid black athletes millions of dollars so he has some knowledge of what they do with their money. Of course he did not address that black people were systematically cut off of serious financial opportunities in this country for centuries, with redlining etc. but the point he made was valid, he spoke on Jews having a company making no interest loans to their own for new businesses. We have nothing of the sort in place and I would ask you to tell me where.

  2. First off, how do you know rich Black people don’t do that (i.e. help their own people) and second, how would Sterling know one way or the other and what does it matter wrt the issue of his racism anyway? Finally, Sterling speaking on what Jewish people do in comparison to what Black people do is a bit rich coming from someone who’s so ashamed of his Jewish roots that he changed his name. FOH!

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