Eminem’s mother calls his bluff

Update :
Source: Nahright
Here is the cover of the book due to drop next week.

According to Debbie Nelson, the exiled mother of Marshall Mathers aka Eminem, the majority of the story that Eminem based his career on was fradulent.  She writes in her latest book, ‘My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem’ that his claims to being white trailer trash was all a lie and initially she played along with the marketing scheme once his first album, Infinite bombed and he had to adopt the new identity.  She says she doesn’t hold any personal feelings against Marshall for lambasting her even though she has become the object of contempt by his legion of fans.  To see what else she had to say about Slim Shady, click HERE.     

31 thoughts on “Eminem’s mother calls his bluff

  1. A mama z a mama,no replacement,shz a gate thru which we enter ds lyf,nomatter da situation guys,there z no replacement cz we enter thru one gate,ths guys nid to reconcile,don’t serve da devil,the devil z a lier,he was a destroyer from the beginning,it is very unwise and un cool to pay evil with evil

  2. she pretends shes the “perfect mom” and tries to cash in on Eminems success and clear her name.

  3. Pfft, Em is alright. FAR from “the best” ya’ll should really look into better MCs. Aside from that, it seems to me like everybody is right on his dick, really, many of the comments here are ignorant. So what if he’s your personal hero? it doesn’t mean he don’t lie. Were you there when he lived in a trailer home? I didn’t think so, just because he said it happened that way, doesn’t mean it did. I think everybody here takes his lyrics too literal. I’d say read the book first instead of acting like dickriding fanboys and lashing at his mother.

  4. o and Eminem is the best, he is my personal hero. hes gone through hard times and still mans up. o and if his mom wants to be with him then she should have raised him. he was raised by his uncle, and when he died, she said she wished it was him who died. shes just a bitch. i no its tempting to look at the book just to see what its about, but dont because its all bull, and buying it would support her riding on his fame
    shes a bitch

  5. I dont care if there r too sides to a story, this is all bull, and his mom is trying to ride his fame. make money another way. and eminem can call his mom a bitch cause she is a bitch. No one buy her book, cause its all bullshiting you. Listen to http://www.mojointhemorning.com and find the interview with her. Its a radio station in detroit. and shes done worse to him then hes done to her so stfu

  6. hes a rapper, he can express himself however he pleases? Ems disgusting?? No YOUR discusting. Hes greatness his moms a crack feind looking woman. plain and simple.

  7. Seriously, whatever happens between his mom and him should be their business–if he wants to vent about it in his raps, then he should–but ultimately it’s one of many dysfunctional families in the U.S., just that it’s bigger and more focused on because of Eminem’s popularity. Everyone has their side to a story, and as a huge fan of Eminem and a person that raps for fun as well, everything in his raps isn’t true; he even says so himself. It’s probably just his own feelings about his mom put into terms of hate, which could also be saying that she hurt him emotionally growing up. Last summer, my mom (among other things) told me she hated me and that I ruined her life (because she was mad, and she also used a ton of swearing and repeatedly said my name which made it that much deeper). Sometimes when I get frustrated, I say things in my raps to get it out (about her) and I don’t necessarily mean them all. But if I had a fan-base, I could honestly say that I wouldn’t want them to second-guess my shit. Just stay out of it, because if you really support Em, then what you gotta say to yourself is that he’ll handle it the best he can by himself, and it’s something he needs to do personally without any smack talkin’ from blogs or media or whoever else wants to open their mouths with pointless opinions. You don’t think the shit you say about his mom won’t entirely phase him? He’s probably learned how to ignore it, but regardless, it’s showing disrespect for the man himself since Debbie is related to him. “..believe it or not I thank my mom for all, she raised me in a neighborhood daily…it only made me what I am today…” Never Enough–Eminem

  8. Wow, to all the people that wrote disgusting words about his mom, I think should look twice at yourself for talking like that. How bad do you really make YOUR parents look by speaking those words? Didn’t they teach you manners? I guess not… but who am I to judge…
    Why don’t you do Marshall and his mom a favor and mind your own business because frankly they can CARE LESS about what haters say about them.

  9. I totally agree with BadyBoy. Nobody is allowed to call his mother a bitch. That’s disgusting, Eminimem is disgusting.

  10. Hay thats his personal matter don’t call names to his mom. They just don’t have understanding and we don’t have right to talk about his mom like that. HE is best rapper but He is not allowed to call his mom bitch or something bad so Shame on u Mashall Mather may be u once realize what u have done with ure family.

  11. his mom is stupid and wish’s she had all f his fame and fans she should get her own life and grow up

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